The Difficult Journey of Self-acceptance

Self-acceptance. Who would have ever thought this would even be a topic of discussion? Shouldn’t we all just inherently accept ourselves for who we are? 

But that’s not the case, is it? Maybe you find yourself filled with doubt. About your abilities. About your productivity. About your choices. About your reactions to people or events. And you wonder if what all those well-meaning people say is true. Maybe I am too sensitive. Maybe I take things too seriously. Maybe I should lighten up. It was just a joke, after all!

Then again, maybe those messages aren’t coming from other people at all. Maybe they are coming from within. Are you telling yourself you’re not good enough? Are you telling yourself things like “I’m such a slacker,” “Why can’t I just get this stuff done,” “Ugh, I spend too much time on Facebook!”

Maybe it’s a combination. Maybe inside you feel less than worthy, and so when someone says something that triggers you, it sends you into full-blown meltdown mode. In your head, it validates how you feel about yourself. And makes you feel really crappy.

I’m not saying that we should just accept the way we do things without question. But do we need to be so hard on ourselves? 


I’ll be the first one to tell you that if you don’t like something about your life, you should change it.

Insanity_ Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

But there is a fine line between striving for improvement and beating ourselves up about not being good enough. There has to be a certain amount of acceptance in the situation in order to most effectively change it. Sort of like saying to ourselves “ok, so I have been spending 3 hours a day mindlessly browsing Facebook, and it’s affecting my ability to get a healthy meal on the table, so how can I improve the situation without giving up all of my mindless browsing time that I enjoy?”


This is, as the title suggests, a journey. Getting to the point that you are able to accept yourself, while at the same time, striving to become better, can be quite an ebb and flow process. It takes learning, reflecting, and practicing. It takes reading and learning from other people. It takes support and an unwavering dedication to being the best version of yourself that you can be. And when it comes down to it, you are going to have days that you find yourself feeling defeated and want to just crawl under the covers and hide.


And that’s okay!


The road to self-acceptance is not paved. You must pave your own path. Nobody else can do it for you. You have to take your tools that you learn along the way, and use them to pave this path. It could be a short road, or it could take the rest of your life. But regardless of how long it takes you, each step you take on the path will make you happier, more fulfilled, and will allow you to fully enjoy the moments of your life, regardless of what anyone else says to you. Once you are able to stop walking all over yourself, it becomes easier to enforce the boundaries that disallow others from walking on you, as well. Difficult? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.


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