The Highly Sensitive Parent Clarity and Calm Coaching

Clear the Chaos. Create balance. Get focused. And finally figure out how to use your highly sensitive nervous system as a strength.

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Tired of Feeling All Over the Place and Unsure of Yourself?

One of the things that is so common among highly sensitive parents is the very frequent feeling of living in chaos and confusion. Feeling like your head isn't quite screwed on all the way. There's this perpetual sense of overwhelm and lack of balance between work, housework, kids, relationships, the budget, and all the other "being an adult" stuff. It can almost feel like your head may explode and you have no idea how to make it stop. I've been there and know all too well how frustrating it can be. And I'm going to help you change it.

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"It's been almost two years since my first session with Heather and I still say I owe it to my coaching sessions with her for the reason I feel my life is at its best and on track. She didn't solve any of my problems, I did the dirty work. What she offered me was one on one time to listen to my challenges and helped me create goals to move towards a better situation. It was always easy to say " I don't know what to do" for years as each year did pass. My coaching sessions made me meet front and center and tackle the challenge. Whenever I was stuck, Heather helped guide me a little closer to my truth. The experience was an investment in myself and I encourage everyone to consider Heather if you need help with prioritizing or wanting a balanced life." 

Jennice Ayala Chewlin
St. Thomas, VI

The Highly Sensitive Parent's Clarity and Calm Coaching is available at different levels depending on your needs and commitment desires.

During your sessions, we will work on...

Our work together is completely individualized and we will focus on the areas that are both most important to you and the areas that you struggle with the most. I'm here as your coach and confidant to empower you to design the life that YOU crave and help you figure out what tips and strategies will work best with your highly sensitive nervous system.

Our calls are completely private and confidential. We can even chat before you schedule if you want in a free 15-minute consultation.

With that said, I do understand that you probably want to know where my specialty lies before working with me. Below are some of the most common areas my clients like to work on.

Sessions and Packages Available

With a solid vision and plan, you will be better balanced, calmer, and have a greater understanding of yourself and where you are headed.

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I wanted to say thank you because after our calls I have been able to do changes for the better. What has amazed me the most is my change in attitude. I had a hard time with my mom in January, she then went abroad for 3 weeks and when she got back I saw a big difference in how I got along with her (mostly my patience and understanding were much better).
thanks again :)

Sandra Icochea de Hernandez
Miami, FL

Are You Ready?

Working with a good coach can get you where you want to be faster and with less struggle, but remember, you can always participate in the private Facebook group for further self-discovery and support. I want you to have a magnificent life, regardless of whether we work together or not.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

If you are unsure of which package to choose or just want to chat before booking anything, schedule a free 15 minute consultation with me.

Being highly sensitive is a strength. Use it to achieve your ideal life. It starts with clarity and calm.

Get the support you need to overcome your obstacles, take better care of yourself, manage your time and emotions, and create your ideal life.

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