Balancing Your Life

Picture this:Your house is clean, your kids are happy and healthy, your budget is balanced, you prepare nutritious meals and snacks every day that your family all gobble up with enthusiasm.You have an amazing connection with your children, which allows you to discipline them by talking and teaching. You are able to provide them with stimulating, educational, fun activities to do each day. On top of all that, you are fit, full-of-energy, productive, and loving life. It feels good, doesn’t it?How far is this picture from your reality? While you may be unable to control some things, like whether your family gobbles up the meals you prepare, there are many things that are within reach. Handstand balance The key is finding the right balance for yourself and your family and getting the support you need to make it happen. Do you ever feel that you sacrifice your own health and well-being for the sake of your family? Do you ever feel resentful about it? As moms, we tend to put our family first, and by default, we place ourselves at the bottom of our priority list. While this sometimes feels like it is the only option, it can backfire. The problem with this strategy is that it only works for so long before you start to feel resentful and burned out.

Taking Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself first may seem impossible or counter-intuitive, but it actually results in more energy and productivity, which in turn results in more fun for your children, as well as a greater sense of balance for you.Families Living Optimal Wellness, or FLOW Coaching, is dedicated to helping you find resources, tools, motivation, and support that you need to simplify your life, move yourself up from the bottom of your priority list, take care of yourself better, and finally gain a sense of flow and balance.